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The Sessions

Come in and make yourself comfortable. Feel free to leave your shoes by the door, let your feet touch the ground as you connect to our digital space.

Welcome to ‘The Sessions’. Here you will find the real time modelling of what we call Artful Anthropology. The Sessions is an informal, collaborative, emergent dialogue where we rough draft what Artful Anthropology means to us and what it might mean in the world.

We are nurturing a serious playfulness that remains open and committed to the entangled and political contexts in which we work while responding to the urgent crises and tipping points around the world.

Rather than prefiguring and prescribing Artful Anthropology to you, we allow it to tumble in and out of a dialogue across content and context through the different kinds of knowledge made possible through experiments in form. We model Artful Anthropology again and again until it comes to life.

The Sessions are motivated by the name otis which unfolds into the mediums of our making and exploring: object, text, image, sound. These elements are troubled, extended, and experimented with by our ‘otis makers’ and then gently woven into this digital canvas by our ‘otis curators’.

The Sessions is a space where you can dive into the between of art and anthropology.  Here we will share the experiments, works and voices of photographers, filmmakers, designers, illustrators, jewellers, musicians, painters, and writers, who are working in anthropology or who, through their practice, open up the frames of attention for anthropology.

So, are you sitting comfortably now?

Welcome to ‘The Sessions’.

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